Giulia, 24 anni, siciliana, Master of laws con lode presso l’Università di Maastricht. Dopo anni di permanenza all’estero sei tornata in Italia per frequentare il Master APC. Quali ulteriori strumenti di analisi ti ha offerto questo percorso rispetto alla tua esperienza internazionale?

For me, the Master was a double process of discovery. The studies I completed in Maastricht were predominantly legal in nature, therefore, during the Master, I was able to become acquainted with and learn to apply methods belonging to other disciplines. Like all other global and societal problems we are faced with, the phenomena of organized crime and corruption are multifaceted, they are not purely legal, economic or social problems. The variety of causes of these issues is perfectly reflected in the educational experience offered by the Master. The main skill I developed is that of looking at things from a number of different perspective and analyzing the musing tools from many disciplines. The second process of discovery was that of my country. Having lived abroad for most of my life this was a wonderful occasion to learn about my country’s history, its problems, but also  – and maybe especially – of the positive and strong responses to these problems provided by Italian scholars, law enforcment agents, magistrates, civil servants and citizens, some of which I only read about and others who I had the pleasure and honour of meeting as lecturers or fellow colleagues.

Dopo il Master e il tirocinio che hai svolto presso Riparte il futuro tornerai a Maastricht, dove hai vinto il concorso per il dottorato. Di cosa andrai ad occuparti e come pensi di mettere a frutto le conoscenze acquisite al Master?

My doctoral thesis will centre on the problem of organized trafficking in waste. I will conduct two case studies – one in Italy and one in the Netherlands – to understand what makes this activity possible, what it consists in and what solutions exist and are needed. In this research I will adopt a multidisciplinary approach, inspired by the Master. I will use social network analysis to analyse (the bahaviour of) the actors involved. I will recontrsuct the various phases of this activity using situational crime prevention and I will evaluate existing policies and legislation. Each of these techniques has been touched upon during the Master, so I can definitely say that I will not only be able to use what I learned in terms of substance regarding the problems of organized crime and corruption, but also the methodological linsights received.

Se dovessi incontrare una persona interessata ad iscriversi al Master APC, quale consiglio vorresti darle?

I would highly recommend following the Master, having myself followed the Master at a distance and in class I would definitely say that being physically present is a wonderful experience, but the usefulness of the e-learning platform should not be underestimated.